Fishing the Feed

Farmed seafood is seen as a solution to the chronic overfishing of our oceans. But under the surface lies one of the most unsustainable industrial practices on the planet.

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More than half of the seafood we eat is farmed.

As the world’s fastest-growing food production sector, farmed seafood will account for 60% of global fish consumption by 2030.

Farmed fish and prawns are fed commercial feed manufactured by a multi-billion dollar industry.

An industry with a dark side it doesn’t want you to see.

To make the feed, billions of wild fish are trawled from the oceans... be minced and pressed into fishmeal and fish oil.

It can take as much as 5kg of wild caught fish to produce 1kg of fishmeal.

Almost all of these wild fish could be used to feed people directly.

Instead, the aquafeed industry deprives vulnerable communities of a staple food, leaving small-scale fisheries struggling and people going hungry.

The oceans are being stripped bare, threatening marine life by destabilising food webs...

...and global fish populations are crashing.

93% of marine fish stocks have been fished to their limits or overfished, threatening wildlife and a vital source of food.

All so that the companies involved can supply seafood that ends up on your plate.

Alternative feeds exist.

But the industry is not acting fast enough.

Together we can stop this escalating environmental catastrophe...

...and protect fisheries for the future.

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